Kickstarter Campaign ends TONIGHT!!!

Cincinnati Comedy Team Building

There’s so much going on, we just had to make the latest Community Announcements internal email public. Buckle up!

1. The Ballad of Improv Cincinnati - The Improv Cincinnati Kickstarter ends tonight at 10pm! To celebrate crossing the $10k thresh hold, we've released the footage "The Ballad of Improv Cincinnati", a Delmar Davis original song also featuring Tone Branson and Mary O'Connell. We love it so damn much! Watch it here

And just a friendly reminder: There are a handful of rewards our students in particular may enjoy (outside of the swanky IC-branded swag), such as the original improv guides. They'll be short PDFs, co-written by Jon and Colin and packed with helpful knowledge, tools and techniques: 

  • Overcoming Fear – A brief guide to help new improvisers overcome fear, shame, and performance anxiety. Provides tips on how to navigate a scene when you're in your head. Lists several common fear-based defense mechanisms, how to notice them, and how to avoid them. 

  • Game Styles and Strategies – What is game? Different theaters and teachers have different opinions! This short guide will tell you all of the game definitions we've learned as well as how to execute them. 

  • Forms From Around The World – A brief introduction to signature improv formats from theatres across the globe. Useful if you are or would like to one day become an ongoing performer. 

  • Saving The Scene – In a stalled improv scene that feels impossible to salvage? "Saving the Scene" will provide tips and tricks on how to revive any failing scene. 

Only $10 each - or $25 if you buy em all. If you'd like to purchase one of these individually - or add it to your existing pledge, it's easy. Just follow the instructions here.

1. Did you know? - Did you know that Improv Cincinnati has...

- Student IDs that let you get into Saturday night improv shows for free? If you're an active student and haven't received one, please reply to this email.

- A sketch comedy writing group? All are welcome, just let us know if you'd like to join. First you'll need to sign into the IC Slack Channel…

- An improv team that features a music producer, a beat boxer, and a free style rapper? It's called Cavalcade and it's happening this Saturday.

2. Give back and support PFLAG - The next Improv(e) Cincinnati event is TOMORROW at 9am @ CPT. We'll be assembling PFLAG bracelets w/support group info to be given out at the PRIDE parade. Improv Cincinnati Founder and big shot Jon Ulrich (ie, me) will be there. He will be requesting autographs.

Learn about the event here & Join the Improv(e) Cincinnati FB group here.  

3. Improv Supercharge - One of the coolest electives we've ever offered. Seven teachers are teaching seven different workshops. You can also register for your favorites a la carte. This week's is "Improv for Commercials and Bookings" with Jess Harris. Jess has trained at every improv institution and spent years in the trenches of Hollywood. Learn more here 

4. Cincinnati Sketch Contest and Show - This summer we launch a brand new sketch comedy review focused entirely on Cincinnati. And a great show needs great sketches. Want to try your hand at sketch writing? Learn more here.

5. Final performance of "Live from Jabba's Palace" - IS SOLD OUT. Hope you snagged your tickets! This was such a fun, epic, and hilarious production. Huge thanks the production team, cast, and volunteers who made it happen. The Force was strong with this one!   

6. The Long Form Mixer Cometh - The #1 best way to get better at improv is to perform in front of a crowd. The next opportunity is the Long Form Mixer on Friday, June 7 at 7pm. Mark your calendars. Open to all. If you haven't completed 201-Theatricality, it may be a learning experience - but it will only help your improv journey (even if it's a little scary)! 

7. Laughing the Night Away - Improv Cincinnati is pleased to host "Laughing the Night Away", a fundraising show for Alzheimer’s Association of Cincinnati. This is a comedy show for everyone, but it’s dedicated to the caregivers and families of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Special thanks to Tom Badger and Emily Elma for leading! Learn more here.