Elective: Improv Supercharge
Sundays July 21 - September 1
Weekly 4-6pm (or you can register for any class ala carte)
at Clifton Performance Theatre

  • July 21 - “Premise-based Improv” with Gauravi Shah - How do you create comedy inspired by source material? Gauravi shares her Canadian wisdom!

  • July 28 - “Improv Bag of Tricks with Jon Ulrich - Jon Ulrich has taken countless workshops in his 10-year improv journey, and captured meticulous notes at each. Here he shares his favorite warm ups and exercises he's never before taught at IC.

  • August 4 - “Puppet-prov” with Dylan Shelton - The Artistic Director of Madcap Puppets will teach you the techniques for how to bring felt figures to life.

  • August 11 - “Making Improv Fun Again” with Amanda Monyhan - Amanda is the queen of fun, and she wants to inject her playful spirit into your improv. This class will be a blast!

  • August 18 - “Space Work” with Tracy Connor - Most people are pretty awful at miming, and they never do anything about it. This is your chance to do something about it.

  • August 25 - “NLP, Yeah You Know Me” with Delmar Davis - Rewire your brain with Neuro Linguistic Programming.

  • September 8 - “Full Body Listening” with Susan Moser - This class on Kinesthetic Empathy will help you pay attention to body language in a scene.

Requirements: Must have taken 101: Fundamentals

Class Fee: $150