Elective: Improv Supercharge
Sundays May 19 - June 30
Weekly 7-9:30p.m.
at Clifton Performance Theatre

  • May 19 - Improv Evolution with Gauravi Shah - Gauravi will teach how to adapt a short form game “New Scene, Old Scene” into a long form format.

  • May 26 - Emotional Intelligence with Kelly Morton - Kelly provides a master class on emotions and character.

  • June 2 - Improv for Commercials and Bookings with Jessica Harris - Improv isn’t just for the stage. Jessica Harris knows this first hand. She spills Hollywood’s secrets.

  • June 9 - Movement for Stage with Audrey MacNeil - Audrey gets you out of your head and into your body.

  • June 16 - Freestyle Rap with Charlie Roetting - You've seen 8 Mile, but have you lived it? Charlie makes rap seem easy with simple tricks.

  • June 23 - Musicality with Daniel Zimmer - Infuse your improv with a music-minded mentality

  • June 30 - Improv Truth or Dare with Colin Thornton - Take challenges that will push you beyond your comfort zone (in a safe and non-triggering environment).

Requirements: Must have taken 101: Fundamentals

Class Fee: $150