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Cincinnati Team Building

We send IC Community Announcements to students every other week or so. Here’s a look at the latest news!

1. Shhhh - We can see that some of you have figured out the secret show password. If you haven't yet, keep at it. In the meantime, mark your calendars for Saturday, August 31. Sure, the date isn't a secret but the location, time, and performers are. And we guarantee you won't want to miss it. Why? Well because Some People Are Comedic Events; Cause Amusing Tsunamis. (Right?) Click here for the secret show page.

2. It only happens 2x a year - TheTown Hall is coming! Come learn about what the future holds for IC, ask questions, give feedback, and more. More to come. Sunday, September 15 - (3pm to 4:30pm) Save the date!

3. The Long Form Mixer Returns - The #1 best way to get better at improv is to perform in front of a crowd. The next opportunity is the Long Form Mixer this Friday, Aug 23 at 7pm. Mark your calendars. Open to all. If you haven't completed 201-Theatricality, it may be a learning experience - but it will only help your improv journey (even if it's a little scary)! Learn more here.

4. Movie Nights - To prepare for our frightful fall Fearscape show, we’ll be hosting double-feature movie nights at CPT select Fridays in Aug and Sept. Each night will feature two monster/horror movies (one straight, one comedic). Come hang out with your IC pals, and share some laughs and screams! The first is Friday, Aug 30 for Poltergeist and Tucker & Dale vs Evil. Learn more here.

5. Improv Supercharge - This Sunday IC mentor, company member and Hot Mic performer Delmar Davis connects improv with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Never heard of NLP? Learn about it here. If you use improv to for personal development, this is the workshop for you. Open to all students who have completed Improv 101. Learn more and register for Supercharge here.

Final Supercharge:

  • September 8 - “Full Body Listening” with Susan Reuter Moser - This class on Kinesthetic Empathy will help you pay attention to body language in a scene.

6. IC needs help -

  • Veracity is a monthly performance where guest storytellers tell true stories that inspire improv comedy scenes. Previous guests include City Councilman Greg Landsmen, Cincy Stories co-founder Shawn Braley, Happen Inc founder Tommy Rueff, TRUEtheatre founder Dave Levy, School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) executive director Nick Nissley and many more. Being a special guest is easy and fun! Do you know someone who might be a great fit? Can you connect us? Please let us know.

  • For the upcoming Fearscape show, we're on the hunt for A) a bluetooth speaker that doesn't automatically shut off or disconnect, or B) a large mobile battery pack that you can plug an AC plug into (the kind one might use for a CPAP machine when traveling). Have a spare we could borrow? We'll love you forever.

  • How are you at writing? Might you like to take a stab at penning these every-other-week IC Community Announcement emails? Eloquently hit us up!

  • Like sales? As Fearscape approaches, we'd love if someone might tackle the task of gathering sponsors. Not only are you helping a great cause, we'll give you a percentage of each paying sponsor you get. Let us know.

  • Is the new calendar (see below) helpful? Does it show too much? Not enough? What do you think?

7. Did you know? - Did you know that Improv Cincinnati...

- sent performers to the Detroit Improv Festival recently? And we'll soon have them in the Improv Festival of Cincinnati - and Dam Good Festival in Louisville.

- Class showcases start next week! Find them all here.

8. All shows in September are FREE - Thanks to your tremendous Kickstarter support, all shows in September are 100% free - including our special guests visiting from Toronto. If you have friends or family who could benefit from a free comedy show, please spread the word. Tickets will be available to reserve soon.


Fri, Aug 23 - Long Form Mixer

Sat, Aug 24 - Show: Hot Mic

Sun, Aug 25 - Intro to Improv Workshop

Sun, Aug 25 - Supercharge - "NLP, Yeah You Know Me"

Tues, Aug 27 - Showcases 101 & 201

Wed, Aug 28 - Showcases 101 & 301

Fri, Aug 30 - Movie Night

Sat, Aug 31 - Secret Show

September - All shows free!

Thurs, Sept 5 - Showcases - 201 & 501

Sat, Sept 7 - Showcase 301 & 401

Sat, Sept 7 - Show: Cavalcade/ War Candy/ Girl Talk/ Soup Buddies

Sun, Sept 8 - Showcase 201

Sun, Sept 8 - Supercharge - "Full Body Listening"

Sat, Sept 14 - Intro to Improv Workshop

Sat, Sept 14 - Show: Shouting Clouds/Wampus/ Love Square

Sun, Sept 15 - Town Hall, Auditions

Fri, Sept 20 - Toronto's The Assembly Performs

Sat, Sept 21 - Toronto's The Assembly Performs and delivers workshops

Sun, Sept 22 - Toronto's The Assembly delivers workshops

Community Support:


  • There's been talk of putting together a monthly/quarterly potluck at CPT. Does this interest you? Let us know.

  • Student Brenden Davis, is looking to further his career in the media world. He has experience in videography, filmmaking, audio editing, graphic design, public speaking and voice over work. Know of media department who could benefit from this young go-getter? Contact brendend211@gmail.com. (If you watched the Kickstarter launch and Sith videos, you’ve seen his work!)

  • Have a Request or Opportunity for the next IC Announcements email? Contact us!

Thanks for all you do to make Improv Cincinnati an epic asteroid of comedy gold.


Jon and Colin