Announcing The Cavalcade Showcase

The critics rave that Cavalcade knows how to put on a show
We rap about anything - we never know where we’ll go.
Our lines are improvised because we go with the flow
We’d be on Wild’n Out but we ain’t trying to go pro.

If you haven’t seen us play then you must rectify this mistake.
The first Saturday of the month - we should just make it a date.
The show starts at 10pm because we like to stay up too late.
Like caffeine in your coffee, our rhymes will keep you awake.

As if that weren’t enough, we have some tricks up our sleeve.
We’ll be welcoming some guests that you must see to believe.
A rap act or a poet? Or someone entirely unforeseen?
It’s different every time, so the truth remains to be seen.

TL;DR: Improv Cincinnati introduces The Cavalcade Showcase, a monthly show that brings together freestyle rap, improv comedy, hip hop acts, stand-up, spoken word poets, and more! Catch it the first Saturday of the month at 10pm. Find details on the first performance here.