BIG NEWS: Three Year Anniversary Bash

Cincinnati Comedy Team Building

This month, IC turns three! To celebrate, we're having a Three Year Anniversary Bash - and it's not only one event, it's three

Friday Apr 26 will be a laid back late night party with fun improv-y "Side Quests". (Registration required - Password is ThreeYears)

Saturday Apr 27 will have a bit more pomp. Awards, trophies, a new IC song, pizza(!), and a few surprises. (Registration required - Password is ThreeYears)

Sunday Apr 28 will be a hangover Mixer/brunch. Show up at 10am. Whoever shows gets to decide if we have a Mixer, go to brunch at Frisch's, or do both. (No registration required)

Tickets are free but limited. We won't be surprised if they sell out, so if you'd like to attend any or all register soon. (Also, please only register if you definitely plan to attend).

Here are the links again:
Friday Night
Saturday Night
Password for both is ThreeYears

Should be a great time - and is our small way of saying thanks for the last three years!

All the best,
Jon and Colin