The Bucket List

Author: Charlie Roetting

Do you have a Bucket List? We do and you’re on it.

On the third of Saturday of every month, ten improvisers throw their names into a bucket. Then, before the very eyes of the audience, two teams of five players each are randomly selected determined by two lucky audience members drawing names. Once the teams are decided, an opening act gives them time to meet one another and talk strategy. This opening act is henceforth known as…The Sacrifice.

Now it’s time to rumble.

Both teams square off in a head-to-head improv showdown. Polish up your pennies because a coin toss determines the order. Both teams spend UP TO twenty minutes doing whatever they want – and we mean WHATEVER they want (within reason) — so long as it isn’t scripted.

At the evening’s end, the audience determines the winner. The losing team goes home packing, shy one set of steak knives. The winning team however, receives a nice little prize – yep, one with cash value – and is automatically placed back into the bucket for the following month. Bet you can taste that sweet sweet mysterious prize right now.

We should all keep a bucket list. If you don’t, you should start. And if you do, you should add to it: “Winning the IC Bucket List”.

Throw Your Name Into The Bucket List Below. The first 10 who enter will be contacted to participate. The rest will be put in the queue for another month…

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**Kidding! It is the only rule