New Teams Announced!

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent round of auditions. We’re honored to have so many talented and passionate students. You’re energy and dedication are the traits that keep this theatre running, and more importantly, you help us fulfill our mission of lifting spirits and inspiring personal growth.

A new house team will be comprised of: Josh Bush, Miguel Trejo, Sam Corder, Sania Arab-Corder, Sam Holcomb, Samantha Voigt, Alex Morris, Des Morris, and Jordan Mytton.

Castle of Wonder welcomes Josh Shreve and Eric Holmes.

Wampus welcomes Ada Cencki.

Charlie Roetting coaches a “Special Missions” team that will learn and perform the “Pretty Flower” form. Performers will include: Cyndi Stinson, Jason Lenczicki, Evie Epifano, John Gilsinger, Chris Wang, Cat Ward, Mary Lee Sauder, and Brandon Isaac.

Finally, we welcome back our all-female house team formerly known as Brovaries: Mary O’Connell, Audrey MacNeil, Jenna Yuenger, Chloe Kaplan, and Amanda Monyhan.

Please congratulate these terrific performers when you see them. We’re thrilled and grateful to have them aboard the IC performance family!