Meet Tone Branson

Tone 2.jpg

Tone Branson is a Beautiful Weirdo, and loves finding and getting to know other Beautiful Weirdos through improv. Get to know him and catch him in many of IC’s house performance teams, including Hot Mic!.

How are you involved with Improv Cincinnati?

I am a performer, teacher, volunteer, and Company member.

When did you get involved in improv and what drew you to it?

11 years ago. I had always been on a journey to discover the best way to use whatever talents I had. When I saw the British "Whose Line Is It Anyway", I knew that was it. It just took me a decade to find someone in Cincinnati to teach me.

What is your favorite thing about improv?

To me, Improv is a haven for those I have coined "Beautiful Weirdos". It's a term of endearment and I count myself as one. It's these people, from all walks of life and varied perspectives on the world and culture, that I love.

What is your favorite improv memory?

There are so many. Our show, "Ghost Court", was such a blast to do and we had so much fun preparing for it. People still come up to me at shows to tell me it was their favorite. The first performance of the team I was on "...And Then Cannibalism", where we tanked SO hard you could smell the failure in the room. It's these balances of triumph and defeat that make us.

Do you have any fun facts about yourself people might not know?

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I worked for Hasbro making Star Wars toys. In case you were wondering, it WAS the best job ever.