Meet Chance Kilgour


His Q&A responses may be short and sweet, but Chance Kilgour's infectious enthusiasm and buoyant personality are anything but minimal!

Learn more about Chance below, and catch him at a future Hot Mic! show or in "The New Adventures of Calliope Jones & Captain Cool," part of the Cincy Fringe Festival, which runs through June 10.

How are you involved with Improv Cincinnati?

I am a student and teacher.

When did you get involved in improv and what drew you to it?

When I was 16 (lets not put years on such things). Really it's all about making people smile for me and that's what drew me to it!

What is your favorite thing about improv?

The community, for sure. I’ve never felt like my back was more got by all the wonderful folks I’ve met!

What is your favorite improv memory?

My first rehearsal with Hot Mic!, we time traveled!

Do you have any fun facts about yourself people might not know?

I’m a master Pokemon trainer.