Improv Masters Jacob Compton and Paul Barker Visit Cincinnati

Jon and I toured the east coast this past winter, where we performed with acquaintances in Baltimore and DC. On a whim, we planned a jaunt up to Pennsylvania's capitol city to visit Harrisburg Improv Theatre. HIT started as a question mark in our minds and ended as an exclamation in our hearts. Jacob Compton and Paul Barker have proven that a thriving improv community and theatre can be sustained in a small city.  

Compton and Barker are now taking a tour of their own. They'll perform with Love Square at Clifton Performance Theatre on Saturday May 20th. The next morning, they'll teach a workshop on using Point of View to launch yourself into scenes with strong characters. Both improvisers are well known at home for their show "Missed Connections", an improvised performance inspired by Craigslist personals.

Paul Barker is a graduate of the three big improv theatres in New York: UCB, Magnet, and PIT. He now performs in the Friday night show at Magnet. Jacob Compton studied at UCB and Magnet, and now teaches and produces at Harrisburg Improv Theatre.  

Point-of-View Workshop
Sunday 5/21 , 3-5pm @ Dramakinetics
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