SkillSets: Mindfulness - January 27th

Friday January 27th from 7pm - 9pm $20
"Staying in the Moment
": Melissa Fenton

In this class, Melissa will walk you through techniques to become more aware of the details of each moment, opening your mind and body to be more responsive in both life and the context of improv.  Minute by minute, day by day, we have the opportunity to notice, accept, and embrace what's happening before our very eyes and within.  As we practice, we become more skilled at not only identifying reality, but engaging with it in a more vibrant, dynamic, and effortless way.

Melissa is an LA-based meditation teacher with roots in Cincinnati.  She was introduced to meditation five years ago under the tutelage of teacher Jessica Graham of the Eastside Mindfulness Collective, and was inspired over the years to teach this invaluable practice to others.  Her passion for young people led her to train with The Mindful Schools, and she is currently in the process of achieving a certificate in Mindful Educator Essentials so that she can pursue opportunities to teach mindfulness to youth.  In her adult classes, she focuses on techniques that are "restorative" in tone, honing in on practices that encourage relaxation, calming of the nervous system, and self-love.  You can find her Facebook Live class, "Nurture", coming soon on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m.Pacific Standard time (or for East Coasters, just scroll through her feed.).

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