Meet Sasha Korotkov

Sasha Korotkov.jpg

How are you involved with Improv Cincinnati?
I'm a student in the level 5 class (The Harold). I'm also a performer on the Veracity team.

When did you start doing improv?
I was sitting in a tea shop about a year ago, having a cup, when I noticed a poster advertising Improv Cincinnati. I did not know anything about Improv comedy beforehand but I was intrigued at the thought of taking classes. I also get very nervous doing public speaking, so I felt like Improv could push my comfort levels in that regard.

What is your favorite thing about improv?
The people. I was never in any acting or drama classes when I was younger so I did not know that such a group of wacky, eccentric and yet approachable people existed!

What is one of your fondest improv memories?
The level 4 showcase performance. Level 4 used to be the character class (now switched places with Game of the Scene) and Sean Dillon ran the showcase masterfully. All of us were given the chance to flex our improv muscles and we had one hilarious scene after another. It was also great because I got to perform with people who I have been through 3 classes with already and the stage camaraderie and support was awesome.

Do you have any fun facts about yourself people might not know?
I'm a bit of a minimalist these days. It started slowly last summer; but now I do not have a television, internet or even a bed frame for my mattress in my apartment. Half of my clothes and all of my books have been donated. I'm not sure where this is all headed; but if one day you see me wandering the streets wearing nothing but a loincloth... I've gone too far.