Dads Who Improv: David Nolan

In celebration of Father’s Day on June 17, 2018, we want to highlight and celebrate our improv students, performers, volunteers and friends in our tight-knit community who are also dads. Get to know David Nolan, who can’t get enough escape rooms, among other things!

How and when did you get involved with improv?

I really did not get involved until I started taking the Level 1 fundamentals course almost half a year ago.  Before that, I did take the intro workshop when Improv Cincinnati was Coincidence Improv. I have really enjoyed the classes and community of IC.

What is your favorite thing about improv?

Working together with a group and having fun. Once you allow yourself to commit to your impulses and just go with the scenes it is so much fun performing.

In what way have you used “Yes, and …” or other improv principles in your relationships with your children?

Attempting to find ways to be more positive and open with my kids. Particularly trying to think of positive solutions as a response to a request instead of a knee jerk "No" response.

Any interesting or fun fact you’d like to share?

I've appeared on the reality TV show "Desperate Landscapes." And I have a weakness for escape rooms (as you can see in the below photo).

David Nolan.jpg