Announcements Galore

cincinnati comedy

Magnificent IC Community,

A veritable plethora of announcements follows. Some say too many. To that we scoff haughtily. 


Update from Jon and Colin - In case you missed the annual update. Read it here.

Help a Friend - Kurt Lindemann is a wonderful human being and a veteran computer programmer. He was recently let go from his job and is seeking new employment. His specialty is C#.Net. Can you or someone you know help him out? Reply to us if so.

Second City Workshops and Smash Up Show - A new Second City show at Playhouse in the Park means Chicago improv vets are in town. Two cast mates are hosting a workshop on improvised spoken word/storytelling. Sign up here. We're also doing a special smash up show this Friday at 11pm with performers from IC, Second City, and OTRi. Note: Because it's a specialty show, student comp tickets won't apply. Learn details here.

Give Back with Improv(e) Cincinnati - The next event is Feb 23 at FreeStore Foodback. Come give back to the community and work side by side with fellow IC'ers. Note: You must register ASAP via the FreeStore page to attend. Officially register hereFacebook event. If we don't get enough registrants by Feb 5 we'll be ineligible to participate - so register now.

Diversity Scholars Update - Last round's showcase revenue and donations were enough to sponsor three diversity scholars this round. Thank you for making a difference!

Kickstart IC? - To celebrate IC's three year anniversary and to fund upgrades at CPT, we'd like to run our first ever Kickstarter campaign - and we need help. Are you interested in helping or leading this process? We'll need someone with organization skills and creativity. If that's you, reply to this email.

For IC Students

January Mixer - Mark your calendars for 1/27 at 7pm at Chamelon. Meet other students, play silly short-form games together, eat enormous pieces of pizza. What's not to love?

Town Hall and Auditions - Share your thoughts on how things are going with IC and/or audition to be on a house team. Save the date for March 3. See those events and more at IC's new public calendar.  

Help Out - Volunteering at IC shows is a great way to A) set yourself apart in the community and B) see shows. Our illustrious House Managers, Cait and Erica, have created a new way to sign up. Find it here.


Jon and Colin