9/26 Community Announcements!


1. IF Cincy starts TONIGHT - It only happens once a year. Come see shows and take workshops by performers from Chicago, New York, Atlanta and more more. Plus catch IC's own: Hot Mic, Bluetime, Uranium-235, Wampus, and War Candy. Learn more here.

2. Audition Results - IC recently held auditions. Big thanks and kudos to everyone who came out. We're pleased to welcome the following students-now-performers - as well as some familiar faces in new places! (Brand new performers shown in bold)

New House Team: Katie Garry, Evie Epifano, Cat Ward, Marian Espinoza, Erica Bauman, Alex Folk, Kurt Lindemann, Colette Lindemann
New Main Stage Project: CJ Wood, Josh Elstro, Mark Mascolino, Scott Hanbury, Emily Elma
Daddy Issues: Brenden Davis, Jackie Zhang, Joe DiSalvo, Chance Kilgour
And Then Cannibalism: Claire Wolterman, Tone Branson, Mary O’Connell, Chloe Kaplan, Matt Lochmueller, Jenna Yuenger, Kelly Morton
Wampus: Chris Wang, Jared Lutes, Dan Wasik, Peter Boylan, Cait Riley, Ada Cencki, Jonathan Duerbeck, Sam Dunlap
War Candy: Anthony Dalpiaz, Amanda Monyhan, Samantha Voigt, Miguel Trejo, Alex Morris, Des Morris, Josh Bush Erica Bauman, Alex Folk, Kurt Lindemann, Colette Lindemann

3. Elfish Auditions -

IC's next original specialty production is called "Elfish" and takes place in the Elf universe. This is going to be a phenomenal production (written by IC's beloved Tatum Hunter, no less), and we need actors! Auditions are Oct 5 and 6. Learn more and sign up here.

4. IC September: Complete - We had a TREMENDOUS September! Four FREE shows, performances and workshops from Toronto's Orson Whales, a well-attended Town Hall (not to mention Company Member/Team IC Lunch + Performer's Caucus). Thanks to all who attended - especially to those who came to all four BIG Day meetings - and to everyone who volunteered at all the shows!

5. Need Volunteers - Speaking of volunteering, we've got a brand new volunteer sign up form. Want to help out IC? An easy and fun way is to volunteer at shows. Mix and mingle with IC's finest and help welcome audience members. It's incredibly important and incredibly appreciated. Sign up to volunteer here.

6. Skyscraper Challenge Video - Back in May, we (ie, Jon and Colin) promised we'd climb a skyscraper and do improv to say thanks for the tremendous Kickstarter support. Welp, we finally did it! Check out the video here.

7. Kickstarter Swag Update- To all Kickstarter supporters who indicated you would pick up your swag from CPT - you can grab it all (t-shirts, hoodies, bracelets, etc) at every Saturday show in October. Check in when you arrive, and we'll do our best to get it to you (worst case, you can grab it after the show ends). Note: This is for Saturday shows only. To those who are having them mailed, those will be going out in the next two weeks.

8. Classes start start Oct 7 - Are you ready?? Click here to register.


(Click here for the IC Public Calendar Here)


Thurs-Sun, Sept 26-29 - Improv Festival of Cincinnati (IF Cincy!)


Fri, Oct 4 - Bootsie Coffins Fearscape Funhouse of Horror opens!

Sat, Oct 5 - Elfish Auditions

Sat, Oct 5 - Cavalcade Headlines

Sun, Oct 6 - Elfish Callbacks

Mon, Oct 7 - October classes start!

Fri, Oct 11 - Bootsie Coffins Fearscape Funhouse of Horror

Fri, Oct 18 - Bootsie Coffins Fearscape Funhouse of Horror

Sat, Oct 19 - Bucket List

Fri, Oct 25 - Bootsie Coffins Fearscape Funhouse of Horror