Upcoming SkillSets Workshop

Coincidence Improv is thrilled to welcome Chandler Stevens as the guest instructor for the next SkillSets Workshop on Posture and Persona on October 22nd. Chandler is an expert in natural movement and somatic education. He has a demonstrated sense of physical intelligence and a keen awareness of body mechanics and movement. He is the type of fitness trainer who can analyze the way you move, identify mobility and flexibility problems,and set you on a path to awareness of your natural body movement.

But what does this have to do with improv?

A good improviser is a curious improviser. Curiosity is the fuel for character inspiration. A curious improviser will be much more successful at observing and mimicking how people move, how people behave, how people talk, etc.

In the body language book "What Every Body is Saying", the author tells the story of Desmond Morris, a man who categorized the movements and behaviors of people and cultures. Of note, he categorized 40 (forty!) different styles of walking. Do you know the 40 styles of walking? Would that be helpful in generating characters? You bet it would.

Check out what Desmond Morris has to say about movement and behavior that he has observed around the world...

Before you can start putting on the "costume" of other characters, adapting the movements that you observe in humans, you must first understand your own limitations. What is your base line? What are your bad habits for body mechanics? These are the questions that Chandler Stevens will help you identify and fix.

After Chandler's instruction, we will rehearse long form improv with the goal of concentrating on body and posture. Deliberate practice makes perfect!

Learn more and register here!