Coincidence Improv Academy: Register Now for Fall Session!

Good news! Registration is now open for fall improv classes:

Never taken an improv class? That's OK! Dip your toe in the water with Improv Fundamentals and learn how to improvise in a fun and safe environment. Students say this class is the "highlight" of their week. Add some joy to your week and register now!

Already have improv experience? Great! There are two excellent classes to help develop the foundation for scene work and to delve deeper into long form improv! Level 2A: Characters and Relationships is Coincidence's bread and butter. You'll complete this class knowing how to quickly establish a strong character and how to create dynamic, meaningful relationships. 

Some improv scenes are so good that they seem pre-scripted. This is often through the use of scene "game". Level 2B: Game of the Scene cultivates an improviser's awareness of these scene games and the ability to explore and heighten them. This class will not only help you improvise better, it will help your writing and comedy skills too. 

Parents will be happy to know Coincidence now offers a class just for teens. The class will develop the talent of young actors and improvisers, and enable them to learn and perform improv in a safe, fun environment. The teen class will utilize many of the same games and exercises as the adult class, and each session will have two teachers for extra support and guidance. 

Each of these classes will be held at the Dramakinetics classroom in Northside. Any questions? Contact See you soon!