The Killer B's: Five Drinks or Drinking Games That Don't Exist

Bobby Moran and Brady Bunch are ready to unleash some unfiltered comedy on August 8th at Urban Artifact. All week we are asking them to improvise a list of five things in a category... today's category is "Drinks or Drinking Games (That Don't Exist)...

ONE - The Salty Dog (shots taken off of a dog)
TWO - Banana (Beers and Bananas 1 for 1, winner stays standing)
THREE - Hump the Stump**
FOUR - Santa's Friend (Shots of 151 with a Reese Egg)
FIVE - The Wizard (Someone is elected the wizard and they have to act like a Wizard while drinking)

ONE - the flying pig (Whiskey shot with a bacon slice)
TWO - The big red machine (grenadine and tequila)
THREE - burning beer (Bacardi 151 & Beer)
FOUR - Cincinnati kid (Captain Morgan shots from a baby bottle)
FIVE - laughing leprechaun (THC infused Shamrock shake)