Coincidence Improv Jam at Esquire Theatre's "Don't Think Twice" Premiere

Anyone who loves independent movies and/or improv comedy will want to see the new movie by comedian Mike Birbiglia (writer/director "Sleepwalk With Me"), which premieres locally at Esquire Theatre on Friday, August 19th.  Birbiglia's movie is all about the interpersonal dynamics of a fictional improv team. The movie stars (my buddy) Keegan Michael Key and features excellent improvisers like Second City veteran and Girls writer/producer Tami Sagher.

Coincidence Improv is excited to be hosting two improv jams at Esquire's showing of "Don't Think Twice" on Friday, August 19th at 7:30pm and 9:40pm. Improv jams are a great place to try improv in front of a kind and supportive audience. Anyone who arrives 30 minutes before either screening can sign up for a limited number of slots to play one of our fun improv games -- no experience necessary. Of course, participation is optional. You're always welcome to simply enjoy the fun as an audience member.

Mike Birbiglia's inspiration for creating "Don't Think Twice" was the idea that the art of improv is a great equalizer. You don't have to be on SNL to successfully play an improv game; you just need to have the spirit of a child. Hope to see you at the jam!