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It's no secret...

Applied improvisation training is sweeping the business world. With headlines like Forbes' "Why Improv Training is Great Business Training" and Inc. Magazine's "Companies use improv exercises to boost collaboration and creativity", it's clear organizations have discovered the value of applied improv. But just why is it valuable? Isn't improv for funny people who think lightning-fast on their feet? 

Although it might seem otherwise, improv is founded on the same skills that empower any successful business or organization: innovation, creativity, collaboration, and communication. And when you understand and experience how improv actually works, you'll realize these are attributes absolutely everyone can cultivate - no lightning-fast thinking required. 

Improv Cincinnati offers applied improv training that can be customized specifically for your team.

Jon Ulrich

Jon Ulrich

Workshop are facilitated by Jon Ulrich and Colin Thornton, who bring years of training and improv expertise to the table.

Colin Thornton

Colin Thornton

Jon is a veteran improviser and teacher who has performed improv for hundreds of paying audiences. He has extensive corporate training experience, and worked more than seven years for a Fortune 100 company. Jon has personally experienced the challenges faced by organizations large and small, and is the perfect guide to help ease your team into the world of improvisation.

Colin has over 15 years of improv teaching, performing, and directing experience, and studied at Chicago's finest improv institutions.  He specializes in bringing out the creativity and imagination in adults so that they learn to approach problems in ways that are exciting, unique, and fun. 

Each workshop will utilize improv games and exercises that cultivate critical business skills in a way that is fun, interactive, and customized to meet your team's needs. You'll quickly understand why students call Improv Cincinnati training and classes "the highlight of my week". And the best part? Being funny is absolutely not necessary!

For an extra boost, consider combining your team building workshop with a private improv show from a team of veteran improvisers.


Client Feedback from Improv Cincinnati Team Building Workshops

"In a word: Fantastic"
"Inspired and electrified both participants and spectators alike" 
"The work we do as probation officers, along with the size of the case loads, doesn't give a lot of reasons to smile nor give a lot of time for getting to know each other and work together. Having this team come out and really get us laughing and enjoying the interaction with each other helped personify the definition of teamwork." 


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