Premier Sponsor: Hieroglyphic Games

Located in Cheviot, OH, Hieroglyphic Games is your source for board games and gaming tournaments. The owner is a great supporter of IC and takes incredible care of his tournament players and store customers. If you need a board game or want to get more involved in the gaming community, start here!


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Cincinnati video production company Rebel Pilgrim is a group of storytellers, innovators, filmmakers, and video marketing experts. Founder, Joe Boyd, is an IC performer and supporter and one of the most fascinating individuals we know!


Ri’s To The Occasion provides creative and accessible options for your design and decor desires. Whether you are planning an event or decorating your home, let Ri’s to the Occasion help you make your decor stand out above the rest! Ri’s is led by IC company member, performer, and all-around generosity wizard, Cait Riley. If you enjoy the new interior design choices in CPT, you have Cait to thank!