Josh Bush

In 2018, Josh took improv classes as a New Years resolution to “do more things”. Now, Improv Cincinnati lets him and War Candy do all sorts of things on stage. During the day, Josh wears a tie and does “people science” at Procter & Gamble.

Miguel Trejo

After years of putting up with Miguel Trejo talking about getting back into improv, his wife signed him up for a class. That shut him up but also rekindled his passion for the art form. Miguel is pleased to be a part of Improv Cincinnati, relishes performing with his fellow players on the house team "War Candy", and is looking forward to writing more sketch comedy. When he isn't doing improv, he's probably off being a dad or playing a board game.

Sam Corder

Sam is a native of Cincinnati and came up through the ranks of the IC 5 step program. By day he crafts realities in code, by night his realities are crafted on the stage. He is definitely not the adult in the group.

Samantha Voight

Samantha Voigt is an IC alumni and has been on a house team since 2018. Being a mother of three and hairstylist, improv came natural to her since she always has had to make things up on the spot. Her children ask her “mommy, where do babies come from” she has always been quick on feet and responds”they come from Alien Eggs of course” holding her hands up in an egg like shape so they can really imagine it or when her children ask her”Mommy is Santa real?” Yet again another smart well thought out response ”Nope”. When clients ask her hard questions she always knows what to say “yes I can make you look like a Kardashian” “your never too young to wear a scrunchies”

Samantha Voigt will entertain you with emotionally bold choices.

Alex Morris

Is as strong as Miguel looks.

Des Morris

Can’t wink to save her live, but tries her hardest.

Amanda Monyhan

Amanda Monyhan is a locally grown actress, comedian, dancer, clown and improviser. She received her BFA in Theater/Acting from NKU in 1999. Currently she is a joyful and proud founding member of Cin City Comedy and OTRi's family friendly ComedySportz Cincinnati. You can catch her performing on various local improv house teams for Improv Cincinnati (Veracity and War Candy) and OTRimprov (Hands on Dots). She is also a part of the dynamic duo Scissor Set (with Dylan Shelton) and the improvised game of Girl Talk. Amanda is active in various murder mysteries around town and is a Healthcare Clown with Healthy Humor at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. She has been a performer at the Ohio Renaissance Festival since 2014 where she plays Dipsy in the Washing Well Wenches stage show. Recently Amanda had the honor and profound experience of being a storyteller with TrueTheater's evening of TrueCamp stories. When not performing she loves to hang out with her cat Bamboo and make art or visit the great outdoors. Fun Fact: Amanda was featured as the Tosh.0 Video Viewer Pick of the Week on Halloween 2011.