Peter Boylan

Pete Boylan has pursued improv and comedy sketch writing on and off for years and is delighted to be at Improv Cincinnati, taking classes and performing with the House Team “Wampus.” He has played trumpet in a variety of jazz bands as well as for numerous high school and community theater musicals, and performed original music on guitar at venues including SUUSI and the Concert Against Gun Violence.

Jonathen Duerbeck

Jonathan Duerbeck gratefully plays with Wampus and Cincinnati ComedySportz. He invented the word "wampus," meaning "one who is very mighty." He did not invent the word "Comedysportz." People at Improv Cincinnati taught him how to improvise. He has played with a few IC student teams. He looks forward to more expertly driving the improv car. He works as a naturalist/spokesman for reality/cheerleader for the present moment.

Cait Riley

A Cincinnati transplant, Caitlyn has been calling the area home since 2013. She holds a bachelors degree in theatre studies from the University of Central Florida in Orlando and a degree in professional makeup artistry from Joe Blasco. Caitlyn spends her days as a corporate project manager and by night she’s a local theater dynamo. She is a company member and performer with Improv Cincinnati. When she’s not performing or managing house operations, she enjoys directing, instructing, acting and supporting anything technical. Caitlyn has been with Know Theatre’s Cincinnati Fringe Festival since 2013 and is excited to volunteer manage year round. Best known for her fiery red hairdo, which could have a bio all its own.

Sydney Vollmer

Sydney Vollmer is a company member, Level 1 instructor, and performer at Improv Cincinnati. She has been on the house team Wampus for the past two years, and sometimes performs with Veracity and at corporate events. Sydney has a business degree from the University of Cincinnati. She is an actress who has performed in films such as Netflix's Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Goat, and Heartland. She is also an ensemble member at The Dinner Detective interactive murder mystery show. Her favorite improv warmup is 7 Things.

Matt Lochmeuler

Matt is originally from the western suburbs of Chicago. He is a graduate from Xavier University and it was there that Matt first discovered improv. He immediately fell in love with it and has been an active member of Cincinnati’s improv community ever since. Matt is looking forward to making you laugh and growing as a performer. His hopes and dreams include one day being featured in an office workplace fire safety video and to find all the lost knick-knacks from his childhood. He is very excited to be a part of Improv Cincinnati and OTRimprov. It means the world to have found all of these wonderful people to play with.

Sam Dunlap

Sam Dunlap grew up on a farm. He is a farmer. He lives a simple life, farming.

Chloe Kaplan

Chloe Kaplan spent far too much time working on this bio and is quite proud of how it turned out. Her illustrious improv career began at The Box Performance Space in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chloe is grateful to work with her fellow Improv Cincinnati members, and humbled to be a part of Cincinnati's rich art scene.

Ada Cencki

Ada T. Cenkci began her improv career at Improv Cincinnati. She has the privilege of performing at student and house teams at Improv Cincinnati. She also works as a faculty member in Organizational Leadership area. She loves to incorporate Improv techniques to her classes. She is always excited to learn new things, including latest slang words.