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Veracity - CS6001 - Joc & Tom

Improv Cincinnati at Clifton Performance Theatre

Veracity with Special Guest Nick Nissley - The Executive Director of Cincinnati School for Performing and Creative Arts, Nick Nissley, will tell true stories on the theme of "Deception". Improv Cincinnati's best performers will use Nick's stories as inspiration for improv comedy. 

CS6001 - Sean Dillon and Charlie Roetting are a dynamic duo of improv awesomeness. Their scenes are inspired by trivia factoids supplied by the audience. Expect odd and interesting characters and a comedic sensibility that is unabashedly intelligent.

Joc & Tom - Jocelyn Sluka and Tom Long have toured together for years in the Friends of the Groom touring theatre. Their mutual experience of playing different characters in different plays has created a dynamic of excellent acting and seamless rapport. You will be immersed in this slice-of-life world and become transfixed by the story.