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Love Square & Besties

cincinnati improv classes


Join us for an evening of laughter at Clifton Performance Theatre! 

Love Square - Jon Ulrich, Colin Thornton, and special guest TRACY CONNOR perform an improvised road trip inspired by an audience-suggested destination. 

Crafty Beast - Improv Cincinnati's first house team. This trio are like a big glass of sangria: fruity, classy, and all kinds of fun. Crafty Beast features the talents of Jon Calig, Cait Riley, and Pete Boylan.

Code: Green - An elite, highly-specialized task force of funny comprised of rising talent from Improv Cincinnati's classes. This week: Garrett "Long Legs" Douthitt, Kurt "The Crusher" Lindemann, Joe "Supercomputer" DiSalvo, and Nick "Foxtrot" Randolph.