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Fractal Rock & The Forces of Nature


Elite improvisers from across the tri-state will join together for a momentous performance that renders its audience wealthier and more attractive. Perhaps you’ll be able to say you were there, someday giving your grandchildren a reason to love you. But if you have to admit that you missed this opportunity - not even remembering what you did instead - you’ll understand why your grandkids never bother to call.

Minds will explode. Hearts will expand. Charlie and Sean will courageously explore the outer realms of theoretical improvisation, defying laws of both physics and convention by imposing Form upon Chaos itself. 
***World Premiere Event!*** 
Forward-thinking collectors will receive commemorative plates. (great gift idea!)

A secret government agency recruits some of the most dangerous local improvisors to form a defensive task force. Their first mission: save Clifton from the apocalypse. 
***World Premiere Event!*** 
Lucky theatre-goers might receive a date with Margot Robbie and/or Jonathan Duerbeck. 

Join Marty and Doc on an adventure through time to save Hill Valley from Biff and his band of plutonium-craving Libyan terrorists, unless that’s something else. 
***2nd Show Ever!*** 
Stick around after the show for free career advice!

Be there. Seriously. We're doing this for your own good.

: ]

Earlier Event: December 8
Holiday at Hoppers
Later Event: December 15
Holiday at Hoppers