Improv Cincinnati at Clifton Performance Theatre presents LUNA: A Wizarding World Parody

If you loved the original musical parody “Holiday at Hoppers”, you will definitely love “Luna: A Wizarding World Parody”. Luna follows the adventures of Rowling’s weirdest character, the quirky oddball Luna Lovegood.

Our story begins five years after the Battle at Hogwarts. Luna is an amateur magizoologist hunting an elusive fantastic beast in the American midwest. Along the way, she meets a hilarious cast of friends and a smattering of delightfully strange enemies. You’ll love the quarter giant Gripshover, the stoned centaur Kush, and the unnaturally effervescent dementor Tiddleton, and many others.

Just like “Holiday at Hoppers”, the story is written by Tom Schmidlin and the lyrics and music are written/composed by Daniel Zimmer. The cast of comedic actors are directed by Cait Riley, who brings a love and respect for the source material. Luna herself is played by Kelly Morton, an improv comedian who loves Harry Potter so much that she is responsible for managing all wizarding world events at Joseph Beth Bookstore.

Luna’s run begins on Friday, September 14th at 8pm and continues every Friday until the final show on October 6th. Once again, we’ll be at Clifton Performance Theatre.

Thanks for supporting live theatre. Hope to see you soon!