Level 3: Characters & Status - Expand Your Range
with Tracy Connor

Tuesdays April 3rd - May 22nd
7-9pm at Clifton Performance Theatre


Thursdays April 5th - May 24th
7:30 - 9:30pm  at Dramakinetics

Classes are weekly for eight weeks. 
The last class will be a performance showcase for friends and family.

Improv scenes provide us the opportunity to be any character we can imagine. This class will teach students several ways to generate characters, as well as the dynamics of status and how to portray it. 

Requirements: Completion of Level 2 or approval from CI staff. Recommended for improvisers with some performance experience. Must be 18+ years old.

Class Fee: $250

Note: Instead of paying online, a check may be made out to Improv Cincinnati and mailed to: 

Improv Cincinnati
1831 Bruce Avenue, #2
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Be sure to contact us so we'll expect it, and so we can reserve your spot.