Level 2: Scenic Foundations - Mastering the Basics
We are offering a special class for students who may want to develop their interpersonal skills and continue the type of training in Level 1.
Check out our elective "Improv For Personal Development"

Level 2: Scenic Improv
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Classes are weekly for eight weeks.
The last class will be a performance showcase for friends and family.

This course is a natural progression from Improv Fundamentals and an opportunity for experienced improvisers to hone their skills. Students will learn how to internalize the guidelines that cultivate natural, truthful, and playful scenes. This class will be more challenging than Level 1, but the results will be worth it. Includes a student performance.

Requirements: Completion of Level 1 or approval from IC staff. Must be 18+ years old.

What to Expect in Class:
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Class Fee: Early Bird Price $195

Note: Instead of paying online, a check may be made out to Improv Cincinnati and mailed to: 

Improv Cincinnati
404 Ludlow Ave.
Cincinnati, OH

If you mail a check, contact us so we'll expect it and so we can reserve your spot. 

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