Elective: Improv for Personal Development
with Delmar Davis
Tuesdays, 7-9pm April 3rd - May 22nd

Classes are weekly for eight weeks. 

Many people take up improv to develop interpersonal skills and become a more
confident and effective communicator. In this class we will have a focus each
week on a particular competency, skill or resource for development through
improv games and scene work.

There will be no showcase at the end of the term. The intent of the class is to
facilitate personal growth and have fun doing it, rather than honing performance

Delmar trained in improv at IC and previously studied with coaches using improv
for professional skills development. He is a wellness coach and fitness trainer,
former Fortune 500 HR executive, and assists with IC’s corporate teambuilding.
(And plays some guitar with the IC performance teams Hot Mic and Love

Requirements: Students must have taken Level 1. Must be 18+ years old.

Class Fee: Early Bird Price $195 (Save $55 if you register by March 17th)
Regular price $250



Note: Instead of paying online, a check may be made out to Improv Cincinnati and mailed to: 

Improv Cincinnati
1831 Bruce Avenue, #2
Cincinnati OH 4223

Be sure to contact us so we'll expect it, and so we can reserve your spot.