Announcing Student Performance Teams

Improv Cincinnati is excited to announce a new improv opportunity for students who have completed the Core Curriculum (Levels 1 through 5). These teams will give students ongoing opportunities to perform for audiences, receive coaching, and to develop an ensemble. It is our hope these teams will continue to cultivate a thriving and inclusive improv community, and to expand students’ breadth and depth of improv experience.

When and Where are Auditions? Tuesday, March 13th 7-9pm at Dramakinetics

Who can attend? Any student who has graduated Level 5, or those who have been specially asked.

How much does it cost? $80 for 11 weeks. 75%  of the cost goes directly to training Coach. The remaining 25% covers space expense.

What is the commitment? Rehearsals are every Sunday, either 1-3pm with Tatiana Godfrey or 3:30-5:30pm with Jen Burns (both of which will be at Clifton Performance Theatre.

Students must be able to attend 80% of scheduled rehearsals and shows. Failing to due so will result in removal from the team.

When are performances? Performances will be select Saturdays at 10pm following the weekly 8pm Improv Cincinnati show. The cost will be free for audience members who stay after the 8pm show or $5 for anyone who attends exclusively for the late show.

What happens after 11 weeks? IC Leadership will make a decision based on factors such as ensemble/student preference, coach feedback, performance quality, student attendance/commitment, etc. Possible outcomes include but are not limited to:

1. The student team stays together for another session and is assigned a different coach.
2. The student team disbands, and the existing students are reshuffled into different teams.
3. Individual students are selected to be placed on an IC house team or project.

We’re incredibly excited about these new teams, and we can’t wait to see our students continue to grow as improvisers. Please email any questions to

All the best,

Colin and Jon

Announcing New Diversity Scholarship

Improv Cincinnati is passionate about creating a community that is inclusive and welcoming of all students.  As such, we are thrilled to announce the creation of a new diversity scholarship program to create new opportunities for individuals who are often underrepresented in improv. The scholarship is for anyone who can make Improv Cincinnati more diverse, including people of color, LGBT+ community members, veterans, immigrants, and differently-abled individuals.

Each session, at least two scholarships will be awarded to cover all class fees. Applicants may apply for any level, assuming they meet the required prerequisites. Students may reapply as many times as they like. The scholarship is open to any of the diverse groups mentioned above, but priority will be given to those students with the greatest financial need. Students not picked for the scholarship may be offered reduced tuition.

Thanks to everyone who applies! We’re so grateful for the Improv Cincinnati community, and we know we’ll grow stronger, more supported, and more connected through even greater diversity.

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Auditions: Stranger Things Parody


Improv Cincinnati is producing a scripted Christmas-themed parody of Stranger Things. The performances will be on December 8th and 15th. We are searching for talented actors who resemble the featured kid characters: Eleven, Dustin, Will, Mike, Lucas, and Max. All other roles have been cast. Auditionees can be young teens or young-looking adults. IC recommends watching both seasons before auditioning, but it's not required.

When: Sunday Nov. 12th; 1-3pm

Where: Liberty Exhibition Hall (3938 Spring Grove Ave.)

Please fill out the audition registration below. Send any questions to

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