Best Of Cincinnati...

We started this improv company with a seedling of dream - and that little seedling is starting to grow! And while we were certain we'd never win "Best Of" in the past - we think this year we maybe...possibly...actually...could do it.

But only with your help!

Please, please, please vote for Improv Cincinnati! We know the process isn't the most intuitive (hence our handy guide below), but it will make such a difference for us. PLUS, if IC wins, we've got a special surprise (See bottom of page).

1. Click the below link and register with a name, email, and zip code.

You'll start on the "Eats" page. There will be a bajillion of topics to vote for on this page (we're not one of them). Don't worry, you don't need to vote for all (or any) of them if you don't want to. You will need to vote for at least 20 topics across the 6 pages (remember, you're only one page one), so choosing 4-5 per page is pretty easy. Vote for whichever topics you'd like and then click "Submit and Continue". (Click OK when the scary warning box pops up)

3. Now you'll be on the Music & Nightlife page. Turns out we're not on this page either! Vote for 4-5 topics if you'd like and click "Submit and Continue"

4. Ahhh, here we are. Vote for Improv Cincinnati under "Best Improv/Sketch Group". (Update: We've also learned we're eligible for "Local Theater Company" and "Best Play" - Holiday at Hopper's)

5. As long as you've voted for at least 20 topics, you can click "Finalize My Ballot".

Thank you, thank you, thank you - this really will make such a difference for Improv Cincinnati!

Jon and Colin

PS: If we win, we'll perform a Love Square set dressed as piggies :)  

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