LUNA: A Wizarding World Parody will be premiering at Improv Cincinnati every Friday in September! Ready to audition?

LUNA is an original musical parody based on the quirky and popular character Luna Lovegood from JK Rowling's popular series of books. The script follows Luna five years after the battle at Hogwarts as she begins her journey toward being a magizoologist. Like Luna herself, the script is mysterious, offbeat, and delightfully entertaining.

Actors must be decent singers. All roles are 18 and up. Rehearsals will be Sunday and Monday nights in August. Auditions are Sunday July 22nd from 2-4pm at Liberty Exhibition Hall in Northside.


  • Luna - a strange and endearing oddball
  • Gripshover - a quarter giant with a tender heart
  • Conrad - an evil house helf
  • Tiddleton - a happy dementor
  • Kelly Bean - a muggle fan of the wizarding world
  • Master Kush - mystical stoner centaur
  • Locasta - wicked witch
  • Meme-ing Maple - a talking tree


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